Иностранные языки [RealLife English] Fluent With Friends. Английский по сериалу «Друзья» (2020)


Автор: RealLife English
Название: Fluent With Friends. Английский по сериалу «Друзья» (2020)

For 48 weeks, you will watch, laugh, learn, and dramatically accelerate your English fluency together with one of the best American TV series ever created: Friends.

Using the RealLife Power Learning Method, Chad, Ethan, and Justin guide you on a linguistic and cultural tour of English fluency, a complete learning experience around the captivating and humorous story of 6 charasmatic friends from New York.
  • Listening - To understand native speakers without subtitles, without getting lost.
  • Vocabulary - Several thousand idioms, slang, phrasal verbs, grammar, and cultural explanations.
  • Speaking - To identify and imitate native speech patterns - how we cut, connect, and eat our words.
  • Fluency - To make fun and effective learning habits a permanent part of your life.
Every week, for 48 weeks you get a comprehensive 18 page cultural companion guide that, with transcript, explaining EVERYTHING that from an intermediate-advanced point of view. Each Power Lesson Contains:
  • 100+ Native Vocabulary Explanations and Pictures explaining the most essential idioms, slang, phrasal verbs, collocations, and grammar.
  • 50+ Examples of Native Pronunciation Analysis of how natives really cut, connect, and eat their words.
  • Cultural Reference Notes for explanations of jokes cultural and historical context
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